Maximize the productivity of your cross dock workforce to increase capacity and improve customer experience.
Identify your challenges
Less Than Truck Load (LTL) and Full Truck Load (FTL) freight carriers face many challenges today: meeting service level agreements, working with tight operating margins, managing a variable workforce based on fluctuating demand, and ensuring front-line supervision is equipped with the resources necessary to effectively drive operational performance. To determine where to focus your efforts, ask yourself:
  • Is your cross dock operation able to meet ever-increasing service level expectations?
  • Are your resources aligned to meet strict delivery schedules and customer demands?
  • Are your operational processes and work methods engineered and standardized such that your workforce can execute consistently, safely, and efficiently?
  • Does your workforce have the right training, tools, and equipment necessary to achieve peak performance?
  • Can your systems accurately track the performance of each worker?
  • Is your management team equipped and trained to effectively manage workforce performance?
  • Are your organizational metrics driving bad behaviors?

Improve and Optimize
Whether your organization is trying to meet ever increasing customer demands, add capacity without adding labor cost, or improve operating margins, West Monroe can help. We work with your team to optimize the work environment. For example, are tools and supplies in logical locations? Are trailers parked in locations that make loading and unloading as easy as possible? Next, we observe current work methods and processes to identify areas for improvement. Once new ways of working are designed, we engage your employees to validate, document, and implement these improvements carefully to ensure safety, quality, and maximum productivity.

Fair and achievable performance standards are engineered and implemented, providing an accurate, measured approach to staffing levels, performance management, and even performance-based pay. Finally, the management team is trained to sustain a high-performance culture through a mix of classroom and live training. The focus of this training is shifting your team’s approach from reactive supervision to proactive coaching of the workforce to drive productivity improvements. 

Realize Results
Our uncommon blend of workforce optimization experts has a proven track record of delivering improvements that are both achievable and sustainable. Our clients have discovered that after optimizing their cross dock operations, they can achieve the following benefits:
  • Increase workforce productivity by 15-40%
  • Improve on-time departures by 10-30%
  • Decrease overtime and daily labor costs
  • Improve trailer utilization and operating ratio

Are you ready to take your cross dock operations to the next level?

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