Put your organization in a position of strength.

West Monroe Partners combines deep technology expertise with leading IT asset management resources to help you improve the way you manage any asset’s lifecycle.

It’s a rare IT department that isn’t under pressure to reduce costs. At the same time, companies face increased IT compliance concerns. Consider:

  • Are you spending the right amount on software and other IT assets today? How do you know?
  • Are you looking for opportunities to reduce IT spending?
  • Do you have expiring contracts or licenses?
  • Is your organization at risk for a software audit?

Be proactive
Software vendors—confronting reduced revenue streams—have stepped up audits to ensure compliance with license agreements. And, the environment of increasing regulation and oversight demands that companies exercise better control over their IT assets.

A proactive approach to IT asset management (ITAM) can offer compelling cost and compliance benefits by enabling you not only to understand but to optimize your organization’s investment in technology assets. We can help—with leading ITAM processes and tools that:

  • Capture and maintain accurate physical and financial information
  • Manage contractual responsibilities effectively
  • Optimize software and hardware investments

Better control at every step
We work with you to improve the way your IT function manages all aspects of any asset’s lifecycle, including:

  • Policies and standards
  • Asset requests
  • Asset portfolio management, including vendor, contract, and acquisition management
  • Inventory management
  • Deployment
  • Disposal

Cost benefits, and much more
By improving the way you manage IT assets, we can help you operate from a position of strength—one that positions your IT organization to deliver an array of business benefits:

  • Understand current spending and reduce costs
  • Get more from your existing IT investments
  • Standardize your environment
  • Adhere with regulatory and compliance mandates
  • Consolidate and manage vendors more efficiently
  • Improve service quality, including service desk performance and incident resolution
  • Reduce asset shrinkage