Find the root cause to your biggest business issues.
West Monroe Partners can help you apply HyperCube® for Healthcare Payers to maximize the power that resides in your data today and dramatically improve the way your organization makes decisions.

Healthcare reform, administrative cost reduction mandates, and rising quality assurance expectations all require payer organizations to make fast, effective strategic decisions. And while payers typically have a wealth of available data to support decision making, interpreting it properly can be a significant challenge. Consider:

  • Are you able to identify root causes of fraudulent activity, diseases, or lengthy hospital stays early and then use that information to manage risk and cost?
  • Does your business intelligence or analytics solution stop well short of providing this level of understanding?
  • Are you unable to complete meaningful analyses due to inconsistent, incomplete data sets?

How well can you interpret data?

Statistical products and tools used to mine data may provide insight into as little as 20 percent of available data and are likely to “see” only tendencies or generalities. If you want to develop the precise insights necessary for success and profitable performance in today’s dynamic healthcare landscape, West Monroe Partners and HyperCube® can help.

Better, more complete answers

We can help you improve insight and decision making by applying HyperCube®, an innovative tool that provides more complete answers than traditional statistical models—root causes and business rules that traditional solutions simply cannot produce. You can use HyperCube® to answer questions about some of your biggest operational issues, such as:

  • Why do certain patients have lengthy hospital stays?
  • What are root causes for early-onset diabetes?
  • What are additional sources of fraudulent claims?

HyperCube® is a mathematical-based technology that derives business rules without the need for human-defined hypotheses. It utilizes state-of-the-art algorithms and unique computing capabilities to provide results with much greater precision than usual statistical methods. West Monroe applies this solution to help quickly derive answers to your most pressing issues, usually producing a complete set of business rules within a few weeks.

We help you improve decision making

West Monroe Partners combines deep healthcare payer experience with the complex event intelligence of HyperCube® to help you remove the limitations of traditional statistical analysis and maximize the power that resides in your data today. We work with you to leverage HyperCube®’s innovative “bottom-up” analyses—which eliminate the analytical biases and assumptions of averages or “best-fit” logic—to dramatically improve the way your organization makes decisions.

We will work alongside your team to define the most impactful use cases and guide you in implementing the business rules discovered by HyperCube®.

Apply award-winning capabilities

More than 300 organizations across a wide range of industries have used HyperCube® to drive performance and competitive advantage. In fact, the MIT Sloan School recognized HyperCube® in its 2010 “Innovation Showcase” and the Pasteur Institute named it the “best performing data analysis.”

How can HyperCube® help you address and fix your biggest issues? West Monroe Partners can show you how to harness its power to improve your understanding of and ability to manage:

  • Risks within product and member segments
  • Potential sources of fraud and abuse
  • Anomalies in patient/claim costs
  • Readmissions

That’s business in the right direction.