Streamline your utilization management workflow and optimize your clinical user experience with our Healthcare Management (HCM) accelerator, powered by Health Cloud.

Effortless collaboration across your healthcare system

Built to enhance Salesforce Health Cloud, the HCM accelerator is a flexible, scalable, and highly configurable tool which extends the Health Cloud platform to provide clinical teams a holistic view of member information.

Our solution enables care management teams for health plans, providers, and systems to seamlessly capture the member/patient journey from intake through complex care management. The platform is accessible by customer service representatives (CSR), clinicals, and medical directors, creating a seamless handoff between utilization management (UM), care management (CM), and claims. And because West Monroe has pre-built the processes and designs, implementation times are vastly decreased.

Does your current healthcare management system allow for easy data access and seamless collaboration across your organization?

Rapid improvement to your provider, employee, and member experience

West Monroe’s HCM accelerator, in conjunction with Health Cloud, allows care management teams to better understand their population and enable more effective cohort management.

Our proprietary healthcare framework accelerates the identification of strengths and opportunities from over 725+ capabilities across care management functions. These templates allow us to fast-track the integration of UM and complex care management workflows on top of Health Cloud and gain benefits such as:

  • Increased speed and accuracy through realtime information and enhanced analytics for CSRs, managers, and care coordination teams
  • Streamlined delivery with our clinician centric user interface design, enabling member information, UM tasks, and key automations all in one place
  • Enhanced authorization determinations and promoted medical cost savings through integrations with leading care guideline providers and EMR systems
Further, Health Cloud provides all features and functions necessary for seamless operations, including authorizations, assessments, approval processes, seamless connection between UM, CM, and claims, dashboard and task lists, and analytics.

A modern, scalable tool for the healthcare ecosystem of the future

West Monroe brings extensive experience implementing and improving healthcare management as a Salesforce Platinum Cloud Alliance Partner. Our successful track record with complex Salesforce solutions is boosted by our deep healthcare industry expertise for leading health plans and knowledge of healthcare management solutions and processes. Because of that, our team can help improve your UM and CM processes and technology resulting in:

  • Lower total cost of ownership and removal of technical debt
  • Streamlined member and employee experience through the user-centric platform front-end design
  • Simplified infrastructure on a modern, scalable platform
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