Your first call for help makes a difference.
Few companies have all the expertise necessary for addressing cybersecurity matters—either proactive planning or reactive response and recovery—and, thus, rely on outside expertise. Learn why West Monroe Partners is the ideal “first responder” for strategy, response, and recovery for your business.

The challenge: 

Finding the right cybersecurity resources

No organization is immune from a cybersecurity attack. Yet, few companies have a proactive cybersecurity strategy, let alone a defined response plan that will guide the actions they will take in the event of a security breach, data egress, or ransomware attack.

  • Do you have a plan for handling various types of incidents or attacks?
  • Could you continue to operate your business —or what’s left of it—while also responding to and recovering from an event?
  • Will you be able to remediate or recover compromised systems rapidly, whether by rebuilding or recovering from a backup?
  • Do you have sufficient cybersecurity skills and expertise in house to protect and preserve your business?

If you have questions —or, worse, a pressing cybersecurity issue—who will you call first?

The solution: 

Skills for navigating the toughest cybersecurity challenges

Our uncommon blend of industry, technology, cybersecurity, and other skills make us the ideal first responder when you need help—whether developing a strategy to secure your business or responding to and recovering from a security threat or incident. We provide a highly skilled team that can engage your board and executives and/or lead and perform recovery efforts, remaining on-site until your business returns to normal—in many cases, in a more resilient position than before the incident.

Pre-breach planning 

  • Cybersecurity strategy and roadmap services that assess your current processes and identify actions for addressing gaps
  • Tabletop exercises that walk your business leaders through life-like incidents and facilitate development of a response plan

Post-breach response and recovery 

  • Global incident response and forensics— investigating the root cause and path of intrusion; triaging the environment; and communicating with external stakeholders, such as legal counsel, the media, business partners, consumers, and government entities
  • Global incident recovery—restoring environments and processes to normal operations, including securing and rebuilding the IT environment while eliminating threats in affected systems

Ongoing management

  • Continuous threat hunting and managed detection and response on a scheduled basis to assist in identifying intrusions your current tools and technologies cannot
In particular, we have extensive experience painting the cybersecurity “picture” for boards and C-level executives. In the event of an incident, we can serve as an external advocate for your board and executive team as they focus on business continuity and damage mitigation.

The impact: 

Restore business, reduce risk

We can help you protect your organization from the many potential impacts of a cybersecurity incident: brand value erosion, competitive encroachment, financial and share price degradation, and increased risk for lawsuits and class actions. Ideally, we do that upfront, with a strategy that prevents incidents where possible. But should something happen, we will be there to help you respond, recover, and minimize current and future exposure.

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