ActivityTrak is a flexible data gathering platform that provides critically important, granular data needed in executive decision support.

Business Need

WMP’s proprietary approach to optimization focuses on the intersection of organizational design and demand. Leadership teams are constantly challenged to address countless critical strategic and operational imperatives in order to meet the needs of their various stakeholders. Critical organizational design and operational optimization questions that our clients face are frequently evaluated in a vacuum due to lack of actionable data.

  • What are the primary drivers of cost and within your organization? Are you able to confidently quantify their impact?
  • What are some of the challenges that are being shared within your organization? Do you have the necessary data to validate these operational issues? 
  • Is there unidentified excess workforce capacity that can be more effectively utilized?
  • Does your organization operate under the appropriate number of layers and spans of control? Are you able to understand the impact of potentially modifying or eliminating existing layers and spans?
  • What is the feasibility of creating shared services, outsourcing, and/or location arbitrage in order to drive down costs to serve? 
  • How much time do you suspect senior resources spend performing tasks that could be performed by lower cost resources?

The Solution

ActivityTrak closes these gaps, illuminates and sizes true opportunity, and dramatically improves outcomes by providing compelling organizational insights through workforce data capture that is otherwise not attainable. ActivityTrak is responsive to our clients’ priorities, and flexible enough to target a wide range of optimization objectives including:

  • Demand Management & Activity Cost-Benefit
  • Capacity Management Re-engineering
  • Technology and Automation
  • Role-Activity Alignment
  • Location Optimization
  • Process Improvement 

Because of the flexibility of the ActivityTrak platform, it is agnostic to both industry and functional area. ActivityTrak has been deployed to provide the necessary data to drive major transformation initiatives in a variety of industries including Banking, Insurance, Life Sciences, and Entertainment.

Our Approach

West Monroe pursues a collaborative approach utilizing our uncommon blend of deep industry knowledge and technology experience. With our clients we work through the following project phases:

  1. Hypothesis Generation and Discovery (4-5 weeks): Results in a summary of operational hypothesis and associated opportunities; customized list of activities and attributes; and customized ActivityTrak platform
  2. Data Collection and Analysis (4-6 Weeks): Includes ActivityTrak training; ActivityTrak and organizational data collection, QC, and analysis; and preliminary hypothesis findings
  3. Opportunity Development (3-4 Weeks): Includes validation of hypotheses; opportunity identification and benefit quantification; and a detailed, prioritized optimization roadmap sized for benefits


WMP specializes in collaborating with our clients to develop rich datasets that allow for detailed, multi-dimensional analysis of their current state. We help our clients create a compelling business case for optimization and help align understanding of the benefits associated with digital adoption. West Monroe’s ActivityTrak tool uses an evidence-based approach that enables:

  • Flexibility in results, to match the particulars of our client’s unique challenges
  • Improved confidence levels that enable leadership to act with conviction, improving speed to decision
  • Increased credibility to overcome entrenched institutional biases
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