Make optimal staffing decisions associated with strategic planning, tactical execution and resource scheduling.
FLEXwfmTM is a cost effective, user friendly solution that improves a bank's productivity and helps achieve greater customer satisfaction.

FLEXwfm™, our proprietary workforce modeling tool designed exclusively for front and back office operations at banking centers, is a user-friendly web-based application that helps organizations make optimal staffing
decisions associated with strategic planning, tactical execution and resource scheduling. Consider:

  • ‹‹Do you know if you have the right number of resources scheduled in the right place at the right time?
  • ‹‹Is there an inconsistent pace to your operations, alternating between long customer wait times and employees sitting idle?
  • ‹‹Is your institution struggling to meet service levels or deliver consistent quality?
  • ‹‹Are your payroll costs increasing due to overtime and/or excess staff?

Make optimal staffing decisions for your operations

Our software was designed by a team of experts with more than 15 years working on both the consulting and banking sides of the business. They are intimately familiar with the challenges you face: scheduling the right resources at the right time in the right place to satisfy customer demand in the most cost effective way.

What makes FLEXwfm™ truly unique is its ease of use. You benefit from the security and backup features of a web-based platform without the lengthy implementation time and high price tag of desktop-based systems. Whether you are scheduling for a back office operation or a branch network, FLEXwfm™ offers you a quick and intuitive tool that is custom configured with your productivity targets and volume arrival patterns so you can assign the right number and types of employees to manage workflow – without the risk of costly overtime wages. 

With an attractive price point, there is no reason to continue using spreadsheets or making off the cuff staffing decisions. We understand the need for a simple, low cost web application that does not require a team of IT professionals to implement, operate, or maintain. FLEXwfm™ fills the gap in the marketplace between manual tools and overly complex integrated applications – and can be implemented in a matter of days via the Azure cloud or on-premise deployment.

While most capacity studies are performed with point-in-time data, our approach breaks down daily and intra-day arrival patterns – and our tool stores this information for ongoing use. We want to enable site managers
to incorporate their local knowledge and empower them to own resource decisions.

FUSION and FLEX: A powerful combination

FLEXwfm™ is part of our FUSION solution suite, a proprietary workforce optimization methodology that helps banks establish new scheduling Strategies, gain Intelligence into existing operations, evaluate improvement
opportunities and implement solutions that Optimize their workforce and operations.

Key benefits

Cost effective:

  • ‹‹Reduced start-up costs—easy to implement, no software to buy or install and no interfacing required
  • ‹‹Begin using almost immediately — minimal training required and system can be deployed in a matter of days
  • ‹‹Easy to maintain—no need for ongoing monitoring of interfaces or system updates; can be easily reconfigured to adapt to changes in the operation

User friendly:‹‹

  • Intuitive interface that is custom configured to each operation and site-specific transactions
  • ‹‹No “black-box” of complex formulas; full transparency of data inputs and calculations allows easy access for verification and override capabilities

Increased productivity and satisfaction:‹‹

  • Increase productivity by 10-25 percent without additional resources
  • ‹‹Easily adjust staff for peaks and valleys in customer demand while minimizing costly overtime
  • ‹‹Eliminate bottlenecks and idle time for your employees

Data and scheduling:

  • ‹‹Visual scheduling interface with drag and drop functionality—customized graphical output provides immediate feedback on service levels and employee utilization
  • ‹‹Supports intra-day arrival patterns to enable optimal scheduling decisions
  • ‹‹Associate and prioritize job roles with more than one function
  • ‹‹Formula builder for dynamic volume drivers
  • ‹‹Define both transactional and fixed activities

Reporting and forecasting:‹‹

  • Analyze customer and employee impact with scenario modeling capability
  • ‹‹Account for reduced productivity for new hires
  • ‹‹Print and distribute employee schedules
  • ‹‹Customize site performance reporting

West Monroe Partners has more than 25 years of experience implementing workforce optimization solutions for companies in many industries, with more than 500 implementations completed across North America.