Create a safer, engaging, productive work environment.

Our ergonomics expertise, tools, and solutions can help you eliminate difficult and harmful activities in your workplace in order to reduce costs and risks while improving productivity and morale.

Companies in virtually every industry—from manufacturing and distribution to retail to healthcare to services—can make safety and efficiency improvements by considering ergonomics. These adjustments can have significant impact on productivity and morale. Consider:

  • Are there job tasks in your daily operations that are causing injuries or concern about future injuries?
  • Do your employees complain about strain, soreness, or pain because of difficult tasks?
  • Are productivity and morale suffering because of difficult and/or harmful activities in your workplace?

Re-engineer problematic tasks

Ergonomic analysis—the study of people at work—assists with re-engineering problematic job tasks that risk employees’ health and safety. It enables companies to reduce or avoid costs associated with:
  • Workers compensation claims
  • Lawsuits
  • Injury leaves
  • Lost time

Moreover, the practice of designing tasks to fit workers can impact productivity and morale benefits.

Identify risks, target solutions

Applying our ergonomic experience, our comprehensive assessment approach and supporting tools, West Monroe Partners can help you:

  • Identify high-risk roles by investigating historical, recordable injuries, workers compensation claims, and employee complaints
  • Understand job and task requirements by studying routines, standard operating procedures, process maps, and job descriptions and by holding discussions with key personnel
  • Utilize observational techniques, including checklists and imaging, questionnaires, or focus groups to assess needs and potential changes
  • Apply industry-proven assessment techniques
  • Develop recommendations for high-risk roles that are simple, cost effective and measurable

Proven tools, proven approach

Are you well prepared to ensure the safety, productivity, and longevity of your workforce? West Monroe Partners has tools and approaches that can help you use sound ergonomics to reduce costs, manage risk, and improve productivity and morale.

That’s business in the right direction.