We help utilities and energy providers plan for and manage the complexities of mergers, acquisitions, and carve-out transactions.

Historically, utilities pursued mergers or acquisitions to achieve vertical or horizontal growth or improve synergies. Today’s regulatory, financial, and business environment has changed the focus on corporate development. Is your utility exploring mergers, acquisitions, or other transactions to:

  • Diversify its business and fuel portfolio?
  • Expand customer-oriented capabilities?
  • Manage costs of energy delivery?
  • Break up its portfolio to produce higher returns?

Vital industry, operations, and technology expertise

If your utility is contemplating or involved in a merger or acquisition, our valuable experience could make a difference between setback and success. Our team has assisted more than 500 organizations with merger and acquisition activity—from due diligence to post-close integration management. Moreover, we have delivered dozens of carve-out projects from sell-side readiness through optimization.

With a unique blend of energy and utility industry, operations, and technology expertise, we help utilities:

  • Navigate transaction complexities
  • Develop practical, efficient integration strategies and plans
  • Establish standardized operating processes for combined or new entities
  • Define metrics and track progress toward goals

Comprehensive capabilities

Most energy providers and utilities and their professional services and investment banking partners focus on identifying target acquisitions, structuring and financing a deal, and integrating the acquired entity into the organization as quickly as possible. In turn, they pay too little attention to true post-merger integration and monetizing synergies—and often struggle to realize the value that drove the deal in the first place.

We can help you accelerate the path to value with services and capabilities to:

  • Assess people, processes, tools, and deal playbooks
  • Develop organizational strategy and align performance
  • Integrate new, unfamiliar, or fundamentally different business models
  • Negotiate customer and vendor contracts
  • Improve operational efficiency and optimize business processes
  • Consolidate and integrate applications and data and/or migrate operations to new environments
  • Develop reporting structures and key performance indicators/metrics
  • Prioritize customer experience and retain loyal customers throughout the change
  • Plan and manage integration
  • Facilitate a successful carve-out transaction and quickly realize value and minimize risk using our Carve-out Readiness & Execution (CORE) framework

That’s business in the right direction.

To learn more, please contact Paul DeCotis, Dave Tilson, A.J. Brown or John Stiffler.


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