Identify the right initiatives and investments to become a more efficient and effective resource provider

Backed by a proven approach and proprietary analysis tool, we help electric, water, and other resource providers prepare a clear and comprehensive business case for the AMI/AMR projects that will drive their transformation. 

Understand the impact of today’s investment decisions

Advanced metering infrastructure (AMI) and automated meter reading (AMR) technologies are at the heart of industry transformation. Delivering on their potential requires making confident, defensible investment decisions today about dozens of initiatives that your utility will execute over the next decade—or more. Consider:

  • Are you aware of all the possible ways AMI/AMR can benefit your Utility?
  • Are you struggling to understand which investments may have the greatest potential value down the road?
If so, West Monroe Partners’ AMI/AMR business case analysis can help.

Proprietary analysis, built on our uncommon blend of expertise

Our proprietary AMR/AMI business case analysis process helps utilities identify cost-effective and pragmatic initiatives—providing the foundation for prudent investments that drive business goals.

Our collaborative approach leverages West Monroe Partners’:

  • Extensive experience working with resource providers of all sizes to develop world-class operations and forward-looking modernization plans
  • Business acumen, technology and engineering support, and relevant industry expertise
A business-based approach

Successful transformation starts with defining the right investments—but to do that, you need to understand the potential value of your investments over the life of the transformation program, which can span 10 years or more.

Our flexible business case analysis accommodates your utility’s needs. It begins with a comprehensive review of your current operations and plans followed by workshops to validate this information. These discussions then provide input for our proprietary business case analysis tool, which quantifies the costs and benefits associated with each business and IT component of your AMR/AMI plan—producing output that can guide investment decisions:

  • Break-even analysis/payback period
  • Return on investment
  • Net present value of initiatives
  • Cost/benefit analysis
  • Hard versus soft benefits
  • Return on equity
  • Discounted cash flow
  • Direct versus indirect cost
The Excel-based tool makes it easy to add additional components or conduct sensitivity analyses that assess the impact of changing assumptions; for example, the impact on net present value of extending deployment from two years to five years.

Understand the feasibility of moving forward

Finally, we translate the business case analysis into a Board/Stakeholder feasibility plan that summarizes the analysis results, the strategic drivers that led to the findings —whether that is to move forward with an AMI, AMR, or hybrid approach or to reevaluate at a later date—and a proposed schedule for implementing the program components. This feasibility plan, in turn, provides key input for the next stages of transformation, including development of a more detailed AMI/AMR program plan and road map. In summary,  our business case analysis provides a solid foundation for efficient deployment of AMI/AMR technologies—and for realizing the many benefits those technologies can drive, from more reliable and efficient operations to increased revenue. That’s business in the right direction.
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