Establish the right ERP environment for your business needs—confidently, collaboratively and cost-effectively.
We help growing and transforming enterprises achieve their business goals through efficient and informed application of ERP technology.

Better information, better business
Companies with aggressive acquisition or transformation strategies often face a common constraint: enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications that don’t adequately support their operations:

  • Do your acquired businesses still operate in silos?
  • Is your organization running multiple ERP applications?
  • Is it difficult to obtain a cross-enterprise view of performance or to integrate data among applications?
  • Does your organization require substantial manual tasks to manage critical processes?
  • Does inaccurate or incomplete information cause customer service issues?

Experience and best practices
Our ERP team helps you establish the right enterprise applications and environment for your business needs and goals - whether those applications are on premise or in the cloud.

With proven approaches rooted in our substantial merger and acquisition experience and extensive knowledge of the ERP landscape gained through dozens of software selection and implementation projects, we understand the ERP best practices that allow you to make informed business decisions and reduce software and implementation costs.

Grounded in your business goals
We approach ERP (or any software) solutions by starting with your business requirements and goals. We work with your various stakeholders to:

  • Assess the effectiveness of your current applications portfolio against your business requirements
  • Design a practical applications strategy and roadmap based on your business goals and needs
  • Select the best and most cost-effective solution(s) for your business, using a structured, vendor-independent approach
  • Implement the solution, based on a realistic plan and established capabilities for managing and resolving the risks and issues of these complex projects
  • Optimize your current operating environment through the lenses of people, process and technology

Right for your business
The right ERP environment produces a host of business benefits—from better company-wide operating and performance data to greater collaboration among business functions to lower IT support costs.

Getting to that “right” environment can be complex and costly. We help you navigate that complexity—confidently, collaboratively and cost-effectively.

That’s business in the right direction.

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