Set your sights on success

Our readiness assessment for hedge funds identifies and prioritizes operational improvements to become more attractive to investors -- attract more assets.

Over the last decade institutional investors increased their allocations to alternatives significantly. In Q4 2013 the net inflows were in excess of $10.5B. Did you get your share?

  • Are investment consultants interested in hearing your story today? If not, why not?
  • How sound are your investment, risk management, and operational due diligence processes?
  • Does your firm stand out among competitors? Why or why not?

Don’t miss out on new opportunities
With allocations to alternatives on the rise, your firm can be positioned to win your share. We commonly make pragmatic recommendations related to:

  • Structure, segregation and reporting lines
  • Repeatable and resilient processes
  • Compliance Expectations
  • Regulatory constraints
  • Tractability and Monitoring

Our clients turn to us to not only identify the issues, but to prioritize remedies and design the solution to get to the key obstacles first.

Our Capital Markets team has deep experience working with firms like yours, as well as direct investment consulting experience. We understand what it takes to be competitive in today’s alternative investment marketplace.

From review to action-ready road map
Drawing on direct experience with hedge funds and investment consultants, we have created an efficient and effective assessment that we use to:

  • Review your business and processes
  • Identify a set of initiatives that address particular areas of concern and help you receive that next mandate
  • Prioritize initiatives in a road map that corresponds with your goals and resources

Our assessment incorporates the same areas of review that are part of a classic investor or institutional investment consultant review; however, in this case, we are working for you.

Fast, comprehensive, objective insight
Leading fund managers trust West Monroe Partners to provide independent, thorough, objective assessments of their functional and technical operations and to recommend actionable improvements that provide a competitive edge. We have worked with hundreds of alternative investment firms to help them meet their goals.

Are your operations fine-tuned for future success? A good place to start is a readiness assessment.

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