Take control of your digital destiny. Accelerate success.
If your business strategy requires more than a subtle nudge to compete in this Digital world, then prepare for a shift in mindset, practices, talent and culture to pay it off.  We help you accelerate and navigate the change through a digital transformation office (DTO) that delivers results—at the speed your organization needs.

Delivering on your digital roadmap

As we trend towards most companies being “digitally determined” and having an integrated business and digital strategy in place, the challenge, and inherent market advantage, becomes your ability to deliver against your strategy and roadmap. The focus is on the pace at which you bring products, services, and experiences to market. Factors ranging from lack of experience to traditional project-based mindsets to long organizational approval cycles can slow progress and stifle impact. For business models with revenue tied to commercial software, ability to deliver can make or break success. For those who traditionally buy versus build software, you too are on the clock. 

Increasingly, we see a shift toward organizations building rather than buying digital capabilities—a step that puts them greater control of their digital destiny. As this happens, though, they may struggle to establish the expertise and resources to deliver new products in a “digital way”—with speed, a customer-centric orientation, and cross-discipline, adaptive teams.

If you need to execute differently, how best to ensure that your teams don’t stay in the status quo and that you evolve your culture to be intrinsically more digital? In our experience you have to build a bridge that prescribes the transformation. 


Establish a digital transformation office to guide delivery 

Once you have a digital strategy and roadmap, you will then need the right structure to oversee it. Digital leaders typically have a transformation office (DTO) to bring the right mindset and oversight to execution. A DTO is similar in concept to a program management office (PMO), with digital-specific skills, development approaches, and governance methods. 

Blending extensive program management and digital expertise, we can help you build a DTO tailored to your organization’s digital strategy and roadmap. We work with you to define the foundational elements of your most effective DTO:
  • Governance, including the decision-making approach, scope of influence, and degree of alignment with/autonomy from with the PMO, if one exists
  • Roles and responsibilities
  • Reporting and communication
  • Product management philosophy
  • Change plan for embedding new ways of working
  • Job profiles and skill requirements, as well as plans for filling resource gaps 
  • Approaches and best practices for release cycles (e.g., DevOps) to maintain speed to market and navigate traditional barriers (e.g., long approval cycles)
  • Methods for accessing and using customer data, insights, and feedback to fuel continuous updates and innovation 

We can also help you develop a plan to refine and optimize product development processes, to support rolling out projects and products in new ways to your organization.

Depending on your needs and existing capabilities, we can provide digital expertise and know-how as you ramp up operations and staff and to help prepare your team to run the DTO over the long term. 


Produce business capabilities faster and more efficiently 

A well-defined DTO with the right governance, mindset, best practices, and skills will help your organization innovate with speed, enabling digital capabilities to drive revenue, competitive advantage and other goals.

There’s more. With the unique blend of skills to support your organization, a DTO can instill greater efficiency, using best practices to drive innovation with less effort. Establishing an in-house center of digital expertise reduces reliance on costly outside developers and puts your organization in firm control of its digital destiny. Finally, having this digital “core” can help attract the type of talent your organization will need as it continues to mature its digital capabilities—and reap the benefits. 
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