Care, maintenance, and forward thinking for the data that makes your business run “strong”.

Take the worry out of delivering data to the right people and systems. Learn how West Monroe Partners Managed Services team can provide efficient management and administration for your data warehouse and business intelligence reporting applications today—while making sure your data management environment keeps pace with change. 

Change happens 

Your operations depend on critical data, data management systems, and reporting applications. But that data management landscape is continuously changing as your organization grows, adds new data, and updates its systems.

  • Has your data model and structure become difficult to manage?
  • How often do data issues delay timely reporting?
  • Are your resources preoccupied with current data administration, or do they have time to think ahead?

We can help you stay a step ahead of evolving data management requirements as your organization grows and changes—with  managed services focused on making sure your business has the insight it needs.

Built on experience

Our Managed Services team blends strong business acumen necessary for understanding reporting requirements with deep expertise in the technologies required for data management. We have translated that experience into services for managing your organization’s vital data:

  • Database administration with a focus on maintenance and tuning for performance and growth
  • Proactive, 24/7 management of data flows and reporting—from the applications data that feeds into the data warehouse to the reports distributed to end users
  • Continuous data warehouse, ETL, and custom query enhancements
  • Experienced advice and guidance on practical ways to respond quickly to evolving user needs

The bottom line 

Deliver the right data to the right stakeholders.

  • Maintain system and data availability
  • Build trust in your organization’s data and reporting
  • Reduce data management complexity and costs


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