Getting access to new data sources is just the start.

Today's modern architectures need to be flexible and secure new data sources. 

The Challenge: Maintaining accessible, organized, and trustworthy data as the volume grows

With the increase in available data, companies must be able to ingest everything quickly, secure it, catalog it, and store it for an indeterminate amount of time so that it is available for as yet undefined purposes by an array of users who require access to that data at different qualities of refinement – including some who need access to raw data before it makes its way into the data warehouse. No pressure, right?

Data ingestion is one of the biggest challenges facing companies as they strive to build better analytics capabilities. While ingestion tools are readily available, many companies approach data ingestion as a standalone task – and that’s when the challenges begin. They have the data somewhere – but they can’t process it fast enough and/or combine it with existing data to make timely decisions.


If you are only thinking as far as bringing data into your organization, then you may just be pushing problems down the line – and risking turning your data lake into a data swamp.


The Solution: Take a broader view 

We help you look ahead and establish ingestion capabilities that support the way your organization needs to access and use data – now and in the future. Because data ingestion is as much about people and processes as it is about technology, we:

  • Start by understanding your business and analytics needs
  • Define data storage and access requirements – a step often overlooked when addressing ingestion
  • Determine whether to leverage cloud, data center, or hybrid resources
  • Define data governance principles that prescribe how you ingest new data, who has access to it, what they can do with it, where it goes, and how it can be integrated with other data
  • Design and build a data platform suited to your requirements

We use accelerators, such as West Monroe’s proprietary Rapid Analytics Platform, which retrieves data from all parts of the organization and “retrains” it to speak a unified language, to help you maintain a well-running data engine as your volume of data grows.

We also have established alliances with various big data technology vendors to help establish efficient and cost-effective data ingestion capabilities.

And with West Monroe’s broad stable of technology and analytics expertise, we are ready to assist beyond ingestion as your organization advances its journey toward becoming a data-driven organization.

The Impact: Answer questions you never could before 

Establishing a robust data platform can take many months. Our combination of experience and resources has helped companies decrease the time and cost of ingesting, processing, and preparing data by as much as 80 percent.

But it isn’t just about being faster. It’s about making it as easy as possible for your organization to use all of its available data. That’s when you’ll be able to answer questions you never could before. That’s business in the right direction.


Download the complete solution brief below. 


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