Minimize business impact with a skilled team of rapid responders.

The challenge: 

The ability to effectively and efficiently restore, rebuild, and secure infrastructure post security incident.

No organization is immune from a cybersecurity attack, even those without valuable intellectual property or sensitive customer data. But when an attack occurs, IT teams may find themselves struggling to deal with the impact. 
Most IT teams are built to operate their environment while executing on a small number of growth projects. This is a significantly smaller workload than compared to the effort required to operate the remaining functioning business operations and simultaneously coordinate and execute a complete recovery or rebuild of the IT environment. The problem multiplies when considering multiple locations and time zones. 

Many organizations look to forensics providers for direction, but while these teams can help with attribution and root cause, they are rarely focused on providing recovery services.

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The solution: 

A partner that can provide boots on the ground leadership and technical resources to accelerate restoration of revenue generating activities.

Our uncommon blend of industry, technology, and cybersecurity make us the ideal first responder when an organization needs help in the wake of a security incident.

In addition to providing forensic services, West Monroe offers dedicated response teams, comprised of infrastructure specialists and available to quickly react to an incident. These teams augment the existing IT organization to rapidly execute recovery activities with a highly skilled, hands-on team of technology professionals who have experience recovering from these events. This team works to understand the business, prioritize recovery of the systems that support the most critical business operations, and accelerates restoration of the overall IT environment.

Our team leads can engage the board and executives, provide incident command, and project manage technical recovery efforts, remaining on-site until the business returns to normal—in many cases, in a more resilient position than before the incident.

The impact: 

Rapid environment recovery that minimizes business interruption and sets the stage for future improvements.

West Monroe’s team regularly reports to  boards and C-level executives to help paint the cybersecurity “picture”. In the aftermath of an incident, we can serve as an external advocate for cybersecurity to the board and executive team while helping to drive a focus on business continuity and business resilience.

West Monroe can help minimize the impacts to an organization from a cybersecurity incident: business interruption, brand value erosion, competitive encroachment, financial and share price degradation, and increased risk for lawsuits and class actions. By responding quickly and with a dedicated and experienced team, organizations can recover from an incident and minimize current and future exposure.

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