When your customers succeed, your company succeeds
Two separate disciplines—customer experience and customer success have emerged to help firms win the battle for customers. When these are integrated effectively, the revenue and value impact can be compelling.

Maximizing customer lifetime value

Today’s subscription-based economic and service model upends a centuries-old productdriven model, forcing customers to redefine how they deliver value to customers. Our research shows that, in the first year following customer acquisition, companies only realize 16% of customer lifetime value—a monumental shift from the 52% realized in the traditional transactional economy.

“Customer success” means your customers derive the value they expect from your products and services. While the definition is simple, many enterprises find the delivery profoundly difficult.

  • Do you measure customer experience or customer health?
  • Do you know what happy customers are worth to your company?
  • Is your organization equipped to take action based on customer insights to optimize retention and average annual revenue?

Targeting your customers’ success

Customer retention and loyalty are critical to the financial success of most companies. Employing an uncommon blend of deep industry customer experience, and technical expertise, we help clients redefine customer experience and transform their operating models to deliver customer success at scale.

Customer strategy and operating model

  • Align your executives around a North Star
  • Develop a strategy and execution roadmap
  • Establish governance and leadership
  • Define funding and the economic model

Establish a comprehensive customer data management platform

  • Manage data across key systems—including success (Gainsight, Strikedeck), CRM (Salesforce), VoC (Medallia, InMoment, Qualtrics) and contact center solutions
  • Produce actionable insight across functions
  • Analyze data for predictive drivers and ROI
  • Personalize next best actions and next best experiences

Employee/partner engagement and experience

  • Develop a voice of employee/partner program(s)
  • Automate or streamline processes to improve ease of interactions
  • Enable employees/partners with digital tools

Customer insights

  • Implement analytics, reports, and dashboards
  • Establish and assess your customer health score and economic model
  • Map your customers’ journeys
  • Segment customers and develop personas to guide improvement
  • Establish a voice of the customer (VoC) program
  • Conduct qualitative and quantitative customer research

Customer engagement and experience delivery model

  • Re-design customer experience (e.g. onboarding)
  • Create resource, staffing, and organizational design models around experience goals
  • Develop playbooks for engaging customers
  • Optimize contact center operations
  • Streamline and/or converge product and service offerings
  • Optimize pricing and monetize services
  • Develop digital self-service and automated engagement capabilities

Improve customer retention. Increase product and service adoption and utilization.

Whether you are transforming your customer journey, launching a customer experience program, redefining your post-sales model, or enhancing your existing customer success organization, we can help you plan a clear path forward—and then navigate it efficiently to accelerate the benefits of delivering customer success.

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