Choosing evolution over a big bang.
Deployment of a front-end customer relationship management (CRM) system or an integrated module is a crucial component of customer information systems (CIS) upgrade or replacement efforts. 

Centralize and modernize customer engagement activities quickly and with less risk 

Growing utility and industry complexities and shifting customer expectations are placing pressure on utilities and challenging the systems underpinning operations.

Having dated and aged CIS that lack robust CRM functionality hinders critical customer initiatives, diverse communication channels, and flexible rate structures that many customers and regulators are increasingly demanding.

The CIP approach provides a compelling alternative to addressing the growing complexity at the intersection of technology and customer-centric business models

Deployment of a front-end CRM system or module that integrates with CIS and other information systems can ease the transition to a new, highly functional CIS by allowing the utility to break the upgrade into a series of smaller iterations.

A CIP architecture allows a utility to move customer activities to the CRM progressively through a series of smaller and more discrete projects.

Accelerate value delivery with CIP 

Driving a more engaged workforce using integrated digital tools allows customer-facing employees to more effectively do their jobs. The CIP approach:

  • Accelerates analysis and sharing customer data across internal operations and data repositories
  • Allows more time and attention for staff development and training for individual applications that are critical to its future
  • Moves forward a dynamic set of customer activities that run on a modern platform and grow in value as the individual elements evolve, rather than waiting for completion of a years-long CIS replacement
  • Allows the CIS to deliver on what it was designed to do (primarily a billing engine) while leveraging customer-centric solutions or modules to support channel management, contact management, and customer communication

CIP Solution Brief

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