Taking your cloud strategy from roadmap to reality

We help our clients translate their cloud strategies to operational results. Without successful migration of your systems, the cloud benefits of controlled costs and a more responsive infrastructure cannot be realized.

Many organizations are working on transitioning their critical applications to the cloud but are struggling to translate their cloud roadmaps into productive technology deployments.

Cloud implementation and migration services
can help your organization activate your cloud roadmaps. Translating high-level plans to successful technology implementations can be challenging. We use proven methodologies for building and migrating applications to your cloud-based infrastructures:
  • Rapidly deploy the new designs. We leverage our technology expertise and real-world IT skills to deploy tested designs, leveraging the unique benefits of a cloud deployment.
  • Quickly test and iterate. Following best practices for cloud implementations, we test infrastructure functionality and availability, and rapidly adjust deployment specifications per testing results.
  • Integrate with hybrid environments. We integrate with existing directory service, security, and application components, as part of the extended cloud design.
  • Solve transition challenges. We solve for data size, service availability windows, and related issues, to provide as seamless of a migration experience as possible.
  • Operationalize new administrative tools. We work with your operations staff to activate and tune their new administrative tools, including cloud system monitoring and cost controls.
  • Bridge to normal operations. Post-migration support can be a key contributor to project success. We utilize our proven methods to provide short- and long-term support for your cloud application infrastructure.

Cloud implementation & migration services are an integral part of any cloud adoption strategy – whether your objective is to increase efficiency, rationalize costs, or enable business processes to move your business ahead of the competition.

An Uncommon Blend 

Why West Monroe Partners? Our Security and Infrastructure Team is an uncommon blend of business experts and deep technologists who will work with you to ensure you meet your desired objectives. We partner with and engage your team so that changes are sustainable over the long-term. 

We will also engage our industry experts and Operations Excellence teams to ensure your solution is aligned with your business and the risks associated with organizational change are minimized.

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