Realize the benefits of the modern cloud platform.

Companies are embracing the cloud, but a well-thought out “cloud first” strategy that aligns business objectives with the people, processes, and technology in your company is required for success.

No matter your business, you likely appreciate cloud-based technologies as the right strategic decision. 

According to a recent Gartner study, CIOs and IT directors all rated “cloud is a modern approach,” “innovation,” and “operational agility” as top drivers for adopting cloud technologies. However, there is a good chance that past adoption initiatives have not met the desired objectives—according to a 2015 CIO study
42% of cloud adoption projects fail due to poor planning. Why? In our experience, there is frequently misalignment between the business and IT, improperly set performance and functional expectations, or lack of recognition of architectural and support changes required for success. 

West Monroe Partners’ cloud advisory services can help your organization avoid these pitfalls.

Cloud Advisory Services Can Help You Adapt and Thrive.

As organizations continue to evolve, it is important to follow best practices to build scalable and innovative solutions that are in lockstep with your business. As your trusted cloud advisors, West Monroe will partner with you to:

  • Build a case for cloud adoption. Communicate why a change is important – including business, financial, technical, and customer benefits.
  • Envision. Create a cloud adoption strategy that consists of common terms and measurable objectives with business alignment.
  • Evaluate. Assess your technology, people, processes, and strategy to understand your current technical debt and its impact on your “cloud first” adoption strategy.
  • Transition. Develop a strategic roadmap that clearly projects your vision of paying down technical debt, and builds a road to a cloud adoption foundation.

Our proven application disposition process and financial model will provide a starting point and help us build a long-term strategic roadmap for moving your applications to the cloud and recognizing its benefits.

An Uncommon Blend

At West Monroe Partners, our uncommon blend of business experts and deep technologists will guide your organization on your transformational journey of cloud adoption with business results in mind. Our cloud advisory services team will work with you to ensure you meet your desired objectives and we partner with and engage your team so that changes are sustained over the long-term.

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