CRM ClearSight™ for Dynamics —You can see clearly now.

In addition to standard CRM fields, CRM ClearSight™ includes 50+ meaningful aggregate measures, as well as access to CRM audit data to answer time-based questions

Analyze data trends—easily
CRM ClearSight™ is a tool that enables you to quickly and easily analyze data trends over time from your existing Dynamics CRM instance, whether you are using the online or on-premise version, including the latest 2013 releases.

You can easily create rich, interactive visualizations as well as standard tabular reports, with a choice of chart types, sparklines, and filter options.

CRM ClearSight™ delivers self-serve reporting and ad hoc analysis through Microsoft Excel PowerPivot and Power View. It provides standard reports and the ability to customize them to your organization, to address many different business questions such as:

  • How quickly are your sales representatives closing deals today versus last week or last month?
  • What is your deal size across each stage of the opportunity life cycle for this period versus prior periods?
  • How many incidents or cases did you open today compared to the same time last year or any prior period?
  • Do you have complete visibility into all day-to-day changes in status or stage for leads, opportunities, cases, or any custom entity in your CRM instance?

Create ad-hoc reports without custom development
Your IT team already is overworked, so why add more reporting requests to its queue if you don’t have to?

CRM ClearSight™ enables you to create sales and trend analysis reports in Dynamics CRM that don’t require coding or assistance from a developer.

Flexible, ad-hoc reporting abilities let you drag and drop 50+ commonly used measures of business performance into your reports.

  • Utilize a pre-built SQL-based analytics mart, user-friendly views, and the familiar Excel interface
  • Pull complete CRM data sets to the SQL database, with no pre-set limits on number of records available at one time
  • CRM ClearSight™ enables you to set up data replication as frequently as you wish from your CRM instance to a SQL database, as well as to connect to dynamic Excel PowerPivot and Power View Reports

That’s business in the right direction.

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