Positioning you for success in the midst of pending regulatory requirements

West Monroe provides thought leadership, technical expertise, and market intelligence to entities impacted by the CPP requirements—either directly or indirectly. We offer solutions to this complex challenge to go beyond compliance to strategic adaptation.

Existing power generators today are faced with the challenge of preparing, planning, and  determining how to comply with CO2 emission reduction targets proposed in the Clean Power Plan (CPP) and to be implemented by individual states (delegated authority by EPA).

Have you considered these questions in your evaluation of the CPP?

  • Are you aware of the rule and its time line for compliance?
  • Did you know that even electric utilities without fossil fired power plants could be affected?
  • Have you identified the most significant implications for your business in having to comply with the rule?
  • Have you identified the risks and potential opportunities regarding compliance?
  • Have you thought about how you might develop a compliance plan that meets your corporate objectives for improving social, economic, and environmental sustainability?
  • What is the current state of your plan for assessing and managing the risks associated with your responsibilities under the proposed rule?

West Monroe understands that needs vary by each affected party—electric power generators, electric utilities, retail service providers, Regional Transmission Organizations and Independent System Operators—so we defined a group of services in response to these varying needs.

  • A subscription service for a monthly fee that provides analysis and federal and state policy research in
    addition to market intelligence and access to West Monroe Partners staff for advice and guidance on unique client situations
  • An assessment, opportunities analysis, and data analytics— including asset portfolio planning, and economic, environmental and rate impact analysis
  • An Enterprise Risk Management & Strategy road mapping service – developing a near-term and longer term compliance plan

These services allow impacted parties to develop a timely compliance plan, the ability to improve stakeholder
insights and intelligence around regulatory processes, and communicate the important role that innovative and enabling technologies can play in fostering a new business model.

West Monroe offers a unique way of viewing CPP compliance strategies within the context of your firm across a range of performance metrics, including financial indices to mitigate business and financial risks.

Please direct any questions to Paul DeCotis or Alex Frank

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