Fine Tune your CRM Strategy; Achieve your CRM Goals
Leverage West Monroe's proven approach to successfully implement a customer relationship management strategy design to increase user adoption, improve reporting and visibility, and ensure a greater return on your CRM Investment.

Many organizations implement customer relationship management (CRM) programs with a promise of stronger customer relationships, increased sales, and competitive advantage. In reality, though, the results don’t always add up as expected. Consider:

  • Has your organization implemented CRM but struggled to realize the results you expected?
  • Are you able to identify and address the issues that are setting you back?

Understanding user adoption barriers

There are a variety of possible barriers to CRM success:

  • Data quality
  • Insufficient reporting
  • Lack of a compelling personal benefit
  • Lack of leadership support
  • A cumbersome tool
  • Little incentive for use
  • Unclear goals

In any case, the likely result is insufficient user adoption. West Monroe Partners can help you increase the impact of your CRM investment. Applying years of CRM strategy and implementation experience, we analyze key issues and design a road map for addressing them—with a focus on producing quick wins and moving swiftly to address the most significant issues.

Mapping your route to CRM success

We seek to understand key issues by:

  • Reviewing past plans and documentation to understand your organization’s original CRM objectives
  • Interviewing various stakeholders, including executives and users, to understand current priorities and challenges and any changes since the original implementation
  • Evaluating your current technology and data

Based on this assessment, we prioritize issues and recommend actions—creating a road map for your organization. Depending on your needs, the road map and proposed action plan may focus on:

  • System enhancements
  • Business development process changes
  • Data quality process/technology improvements
  • Culture, including leadership and communication
  • User training

We also will help you set realistic and appropriate goals, align your CRM approach and key business processes, and develop meaningful reporting mechanisms that enable your organization to monitor progress towards its goals.

That’s business in the right direction.

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