Get a head start on transformation and competitive advantage
West Monroe Partners can help support cultural, technology, and/ or strategic transformation— enabling you to reach your goals faster.

Today’s enterprises compete amid unprecedented volatility. Turbulent and uncertain economic markets. A world that is growing increasingly interconnected. Rapidly changing customer needs and desires. Exponential advances in technology that are transforming how people see and interact with products and services. West Monroe Partners can help you transform to improve flexibility and competitive advantage. Consider:

  • Is your organization undergoing a significant cultural, technology, or strategic transformation?
  • Are changing customer demands making it difficult to “keep up” in the marketplace?
  • Is your business growing and looking for ways to become more flexible and/or scalable?
  • Have you tried to implement business process management (BPM), Lean, or Six Sigma practices?

An approach designed for today’s business environment.
If your organization is transforming itself to improve flexibility and competitive advantage, West Monroe Partners can help. We work with companies across many industries to improve and transform operations by applying Business Model Optimization, our efficient approach to aligning organizational capabilities—including people, processes, technology, and performance measures—with strategy and market needs and requirements.
West Monroe Partners’ Business Model Optimization approach is built on our unique combination of experience and expertise in:

  • Organizational transformation
  • Business process analysis and improvement across a wide range of business functions
  • Performance measurement
  • Strategy development
  • Industry-specific issues and trends

Consider all the interrelationships

Many organizations take on improvement projects but don’t achieve the results they expect—often because they don’t consider all the important interrelationships among strategy, processes, people, and technology. Business Model Optimization is a unique business improvement approach that combines process, technology, and organizational assessments with common practices of Lean and Six Sigma in order to identify opportunities for continuous improvement and optimization.

Business Model Optimization includes five distinct phases:

  • Analysis—evaluate the business model
  • Enhancement—develop the target business model
  • Alignment—validate the new business model
  • Implement—deploy the new business model
  • Continuous improvement—sustain the business model

Achieve and sustain advantage.
We have found that Business Model Optimization, when supporting cultural, technology, and/or strategic transformation, can help achieve—and sustain—an array of transformation goals:

  • Increased revenue
  • Efficiency gains
  • Short-, medium-, and long-term cost reductions
  • Enhanced customer relationships
  • Greater organizational flexibility and the ability to respond faster to changing markets and customer needs
  • Competitive advantage
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