With a unique focus on user experience and understanding what works best in your environment, we help you develop reporting, dashboard, and self-service analytic capabilities that enable better business decisions.

For your business intelligence initiatives to deliver value, your users must be able to access data and insight in a way that makes the most sense for their particular roles and responsibilities. Consider:

  • Are your current reporting and analytics capabilities easy to access and easy to use?
  • Are your executives able to turn data into action-ready insights and effective business decisions?
  • Are you able to navigate the vast landscape of available tools and identify the right balance of cost,risk, and new functionality?

Reporting—put the latest data at decision makers’ fingertips. Using the latest Microsoft tools, we can enable a new level of employee business intelligence self service—helping you:

  • Design and deploy custom reports
  • Create reports delivered through the latest presentation technologies such as HTML5 and Microsoft Silverlight
  • Author reports intuitively using Microsoft SQL Report Builder
  • Manage your reporting environment better, with seamless integration to SharePoint and the rich collaborative platform of search and content management

Dashboards—know your progress against goals in an instant. We create websites that display the state of your business with intuitive, interactive gauges, charts, dials, and traffic lights. In addition to developing a technical solution, we also can:

  • Develop and align business metrics to relevant groups
  • Optimize dashboard usability
  • Link executive dashboards to operational systems and existing workflows
Self-service ad hoc analytic tools—slice and dice data as needed. 

Today, everyone from analysts to executives must be able to identify insights and trends. We create analytic tools that put rapid access to information in the hands of your decision makers. Our solutions utilize platforms familiar to your users and best-in-class tools such as:

  • PowerView for creating engaging, presentation-ready visual experiences
  • PowerPivot, a powerful data exploration tool with unmatched processing and analytical capability
Feed your potential

From developing a reporting strategy to establishing the right tools to introducing new capabilities to your users, West Monroe Partners can help you deliver insights that drive higher levels of performance. That’s business in the right direction.