Don’t leave valuable improvement opportunities to chance.

We work with utilities to apply enterprise asset management tools and best practices that enhance operations and decision making.

Best practices are out there. Are you taking advantage of them?

For utilities—like many asset-intensive organizations—enterprise asset management (EAM) software provides valuable support for managing investments and a framework for effective decision making.

  • Are you considering an EAM solution but aren’t sure how to move forward?
  • Do you have EAM capabilities in place but want to be sure you are maximizing their potential?

If so, we can help—beginning with a comprehensive EAM assessment that:

  • Defines your current practices
  • Identifies areas for improvement through use of EAM best practices
  • Outlines opportunities specific to your business, along with the associated costs and benefits

Our proven business case analysis (BCA) then produces a comprehensive EAM implementation roadmap of initiatives in key areas such as:

  • Asset management
  • Work management
  • Inventory management
  • Workforce planning and scheduling
  • Metrics and key performance indicators (KPIs)
  • EAM software interfaces or integration with IT systems
How could you benefit?

Consider this example. We combined EAM software and predictive analytics capabilities to deliver significant value by improving maintenance of electric distribution capacitor banks.

Typically, a utility sends crews twice a year to check capacitor banks visually. This practice can delay detection of faulty switches due to the long intervals between maintenance checks. In addition, some faulty switches may be identified only through actual operation.

With EAM and predictive analytics capabilities, we showed how it is possible to improve availability of capacitor banks. Each month, the utility can test capacitor banks by operating them remotely and verifying the voltage changes on each phase. Predictive analytics can help identify faulty switches. EAM software, then, can issue work orders to repair capacitor bank switches. In addition to eliminating costly reliance on local generators to provide VARs, this solution helped the utility save money by dispatching crews only to work on capacitors that need repair.

This, of course, is just one example of the power of a well-defined EAM solution. Talk to us to see how enterprise asset management can help optimize your utility operations.

That’s business in the right direction.

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