Insight that can transform your IT function from technology administrator to strategic business partner

Our IT assessment and strategic planning help banks and credit unions align their IT functions with institutional strategy, growth goals, and vital  business processes.

Establishing new and easy ways for people to bank. Providing innovative ways for customers to access their money. Helping customers meet their financial goals. All of these should be strategic goals for banks today, but difficult goals to achieve without sound IT support. Consider:
  • How does your organization view the IT function?
  • Does your IT function support strategic objectives or does it merely administer your technology?

Bridging technology and your business

If your IT department isn’t supporting goals such as those above, then it isn’t functioning as a strategic partner—and it may be costing you valuable resources and growth opportunities. We can help.

Our extensive financial services operations experience with institutions large and small enables us to understand the bridge between technology and your business and to help you align your IT function and operations with your institution’s strategy, growth goals, and vital processes. Our IT assessment isolates issues that are driving: 

  • High or unknown costs
  • Unresponsive support
  • Inaccessible data
  • Unplanned system downtime
  • Excess time spent on projects that don’t support growth or your vision

Answer the question, what does effective IT look like?

Our experienced team collaborates with you through the following activities to produce a comprehensive IT assessment:
  • Interview your institution’s executives and key stakeholders to understand vision and strategy
  • Review current infrastructure, systems, and IT processes
  • Review core business and infrastructure requirements, including:
  • Virtualization environment
  • Applications, servers, networks, and management
  • Core business application flow and performance
  • Identify and evaluate potential operating models, such as managed services, managed hosting or cloud
  • Develop a prioritized list of initiatives and estimated costs
  • Create a road map for improving IT strategy and effectiveness
  • Benchmark your IT readiness against your peers

Answer the question, what does effective IT look like for your institution?

Of course, we also have the resources and expertise to help you implement changes based on the assessment and realize the benefits of a sound, well-aligned IT organization—one that operates as a true strategic partner.

That’s business in the right direction.