Navigate around the challenges. Accelerate the value. Manage the risk.

Experience makes a difference

A merger, acquisition, or divestiture may be the key to future success and differentiation for your banking institution as a buyer or seller. But before the benefits are realized, there will be some very real challenges: deal strategy, diligence, integration planning, execution, regulatory review and—ultimately—optimal performance. We can help.

Our banking mergers and acquisitions team has assisted with more than 2,000 deals of all types—from strategy and due diligence to post-close integration management and beyond. We also have delivered hundreds of M&A projects from sell-side readiness and buy-side diligence through optimization.

Are you ready to buy or sell?

Savvy banks know there is important work to do before any third parties enter the picture and negotiations begin. We get you ready by providing:

  • M&A readiness assessment
  • Sell-side readiness assessment
  • M&A playbook development

Do you know what you’re buying?

Proper due diligence is critical, but time is limited. Your diligence should highlight areas with the greatest potential for return (or problems)— and include the right questions. We assist with areas such as:

  • IT diligence
  • Regulatory filing assistance
  • Integration diligence
  • Operations diligence

You’re ready to buy (or sell). But are you ready to integrate (or divest)?

Often, diligence, analysis, and negotiation take priority over planning. In fact, thoughtful planning should happen alongside diligence. We assist with:

  • Integration management office leadership, planning, governance, and execution
  • Integration strategy, planning, and execution
  • Business as usual optimization and synergy realization

You know what you need to accomplish. How will you get it done?

You know what you need to accomplish. How will you get it done? So that your internal teams remain focused on customers and day-to-day operations, we provide an experienced team to assist with:

  • Integration execution and risk management
  • Integration advice
  • Functional management and/ or interim leadership for areas such as information technology, finance, human resources, or communications
  • Business process improvement and optimization
  • Customer and vendor contract negotiation

Integration is underway. What’s next?

Without a long-term focus on optimization, many organizations fail to realize a transaction’s expected value. We help you keep your eyes on your goal through:

Are you equipped for success?

When it comes to navigating transaction complexity, there is no substitute for experience. We bring a unique set of experience and capabilities to every deal:

We are committed to making deals work, companies strong, and you successful.

If you are interested in speaking with a member of the West Monroe Team about banking mergers and acquisitions, please contact us.

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