Working in conjunction with Financial Services Cloud, our pre-built solutions and templates accelerate the long-term vision for CRM at Banks and Credit Unions.
Seamless integration with banking systems provides access to key customer financial data at both the client and household level.

Banking CXellence

West Monroe Partners developed Banking CXellence in order to accelerate a Salesforce implementation by nearly half the amount of time and give banks the ability to realize revenue on an advanced timeline.

Many banks and credit unions are looking to:

  • Break down the silos between various lines of business
  • Diversify or increase income by cross-selling products and services to other business lines - generating fee-based income
  • Provide a more personalized and effortless client experience and a faster speed of service
  • Find an alternative and more flexible technology solution to the industry standard solutions

Banking CXellence in conjunction with Financial Services Cloud provides the answer to these key trends with pre-built accelerators and a universal data model supporting all lines of business on a single platform.  The functionality allows for both business benefits and immediate enhancements to customer experience.

After implementation, a bank could see a revenue lift and an increase in client experience quality and satisfaction – which could be seen using some of the following key metrics: better client retention, higher client satisfaction scores, increase in cross-sell and referrals and decrease in call handling time. 

Client success story

Sandy Spring Bank is a commercial bank with $5.4 Billion in assets serving customers in DC and the Mid-Atlantic region with over 53 branches. Client experience has been one of the bank’s strategic corporate initiatives. They wanted to move from great to “consistently remarkable” with their client experience, gain visibility into firm-wide pipeline and convert more service moments into sales moments.

Sandy Spring Bank needed to pivot from product-centric to customer-centric by changing their operations. They decided to implement Salesforce to improve cross-selling and deepen client relationships. 

By leveraging Banking CXellence, Sandy Spring improved their overall client experience in a few ways. First, the bank was providing more consistent service for clients due to better collaboration across the bank. Sandy Spring now has a 360-degree view of their clients by consolidating data into one platform. With the 360-degree view, the bank is able to drive additional revenue and increase cross-sell and up-sell capabilities.

In order to deliver on the operational side of their goal, Sandy Spring Bank streamlined their business processes with workflows which allowed employees to more effectively and efficiently complete daily tasks.

Finally, the bank has more robust and timely reporting capabilities on KPIs and SLAs which leads to cutting down on manual work in Excel. 

“Our bank has seen drastic improvements in call handle time and referrals just to name a couple areas on the operational side, and we also have been able to create a more consistently remarkable experience for our clients. We are well positioned to see many additional benefits in the short-term.” 

—Jackie Howard SVP, Sandy Spring Bank System

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