Dental plans are prime candidates for automation due to a high volume of repetitive data entry, high number of employees required for manual entry, lengthy processing times, and limited value-add gained from these processes.

The Challenge 

The healthcare industry is undergoing a period of intense digitization converting manual and paper-based functions to digital solutions and platforms. Improving operational efficiency in middle and back-office functions, many of which still involve manual and time-intensive processes, is key to ensuring future profitability.

The Solution 

We leverage our experience in customer journey mapping to develop a cohesive strategy for robotic process automation (RPA) that targets processes that will yield greater client satisfaction. We'll help you assess pain points, processes, and functions that are candidates for RPA. West Monroe will support you at every step of the way, including strategy, development, building, and proof of concept. 

The Impact 

West Monroe created an automation tool for a client's provider credentialing process. The new automated process replaced a time-intensive manual process where employees documented credentials using manual keystrokes, disparate resources, screenshots, and a decentralized document storage system.

RPA for dental plans

RPA for dental plans

Watch how it works:

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