Hybrid and cloud infrastructure and security managed services for Amazon Web Services

As a member of the AWS Partner Network (APN), we work closely with Amazon Web Services to tailor a migration and management approach to your business requirements.

The Challenge 

Managing an increasingly complex environment 

For organizations that are transforming their operations to enable growth and agility and respond to changing business conditions, the Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud platform provides a rich suite of technology services that can accelerate new offerings.

Managing an environment with an evolving hybrid of on premise and cloud services, however, adds a healthy dose of complexity to IT operations. Without adequate care in selecting the workloads to migrate – which requires detailed understanding of the costs, benefits, and risks associated with moving infrastructure and applications to the cloud – ongoing management can become ever more challenging and costly.

  • Do you currently have workloads in the cloud?
  • Does your technology team have cloud platform experience? 
  • How well do you understand the differences between managing infrastructure and applications on cloud platforms versus traditional physical environments?

The Solution 

Managed services tailored to the AWS platform 

Built on an uncommon blend of business and technical acumen, West Monroe helps companies use technology to advance their businesses. For many clients today, that means managing hybrid and cloud-based infrastructure and applications to ensure seamless operations.

With extensive AWS platform experience and a team of dedicated resources, West Monroe’s Managed Services practice provides the full complement of skills you need to orchestrate migration to AWS and then manage and maintain your infrastructure and applications once the migration is complete. 

The Impact 

Healthy, high-performing infrastructure and applications 

With the right experience and resources, your organization can take advantage of the AWS platform to deliver a more reliable, available technology environment. But there’s more: A healthy, high-performing technology environment powered by AWS cloud features and West Monroe’s expert managed services can help you establish a predictable – and potentially lower – cost structure for running critical infrastructure and applications, while also increasing agility and the ability to innovate. That’s business in the right direction.

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