Putting the customer journey at the heart of the business to make digital transformation successful.

In this episode, Mike and Paul are once again joined by Kyle Hutchins, Senior Director and leader of West Monroe's Digital practice, and Nick Hahn, Director in West Monroe's Digital practice, to discuss CX's impact on an organization's digital transformation efforts. During this conversation, the group discusses the need to be a "capabilities-led" organization that puts the customer journey at the heart of the business, including potential overlap or alignment with CX capabilities, to make digital transformation successful. The conversation wraps up with a couple of key takeaways for CX leaders to fully support (or lead) their organizations' digital transformation efforts.

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Each episode includes a discussion on a key CX topic, while also highlighting tools that CX practitioners can use, and how CX helps address key challenges our clients are facing.

Your hosts:

  • Michael Manfredo, Senior Principal, Customer Experience
  • Paul Hagen, Senior Principal, Customer Experience
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