Welcome to the second edition of our Workforce Optimization newsletter.

Welcome to the second edition of our Workforce Optimization newsletter.

In this issue, we discuss how to use the right engineered standards for your operation. We also discuss how a kanban solution can help distributors who don’t have a formal warehouse management solution.

Lastly, we discuss the global retail market and how retailers can adapt to changing conditions in emerging markets.
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Sean Adkins and Jeffrey Arnold

Whether you use a direct measurement, standard data, or a benchmark standards methodology, selecting the right approach up front ensures long-term success by providing the right balance of detail and precision with the least amount of development and maintenance effort.
The individual processes within each of those three phases vary from location to location, but a common denominator in most distribution centers is the presence of a warehouse management system (“WMS”).

China has experienced remarkable growth rates averaging 10% for the last three decades, resulting in a strong demand for labor.  For instance, total urban employment increased by 115 million from 2001 to 2011.  However, as China’s economy continues to develop and the labor force must find ways to meet the demand, the focus needs to be placed on working smarter and not just merely working more.