Many firms attempt to perfect a repeatable due diligence process, healthcare industry trends and changing regulations often require adapting methods and evaluating new factors.

By: Ken Goebel

It’s no secret that Salesforce does some really cool stuff when it comes to enabling Marketing. Through tools like ExactTarget Marketing Cloud and the Journey Builder, marketers can do things that were merely dreams just a few years ago – creating a customer journey through a user interface that empowers a marketer to create rich and interactive experience for customers. Technology is awesome. But technology is MORE awesome when it’s more than just a flashy tool and something that enables a process.

There’s a Japanese proverb that states “Vision without action is a daydream. Action without vision is a nightmare”. In this marketer’s opinion, vision in customer journey mapping is defining and developing a target customer experience that supports the strategic objectives of your customer-centric strategy. The demos of Journey Builder and other similar tools reinforce the dream that creating a customer journey is simple; and doing so in the technology is simple thanks to the brilliance of the technology. But it’s a pipedream to believe that this is attainable solely through the technology. The hard part that is often glossed over is the work that must be done before logging in and configuring. That’s building a deep understanding of your customers, developing a strategy and target customer experience, and ensuring that the sales, service, marketing and community/social experiences are in place and working in unison to support the vision. Without this vision, the dream of easily creating a customer journey is more of a nightmare.

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