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Dear Friends,

Another year of Dreamforce is behind us, with attendance reaching an all-time high of 170,000+ this year, there certainly was something for everyone.  The theme of the "customer company" absolutely continues to be a key message within Salesforce as well as one that resonates with clients, as there is clear value to becoming a customer-centric organization.
As the ecosystem of technology and data that touches our customers continues to grow, achieving that holy grail of the “single view” of our customer’s experiences in CRM is increasingly difficult.  A data source that our clients often neglect in that ecosystem is the direct feedback and sentiments of their customers.  Our clients tend to look at their customer’s activities and historical buying behaviors and compare that to other customers. But they don’t always incorporate their direct feedback and sentiments that come from customer service interactions which is a significant lost opportunity in becoming a customer-centric company.
Most organizations tend to capture this information in a separate “Voice of the Customer” survey tool, e.g. MaritzCX (Allegiance), Qualtrics etc. The problem for many of our clients is that the data collected continues to sit in a separate silo. Companies act on the data independent of their other customer strategies and interactions.  It is treated as only a customer service issue and left to that department to handle.  When in reality, if the data was brought into the CRM and mined appropriately, it would be available to all employees that engage with customers. This would allow the organization to create more specific treatments for key customers – as a customer-centric organization should.  Being able to rally around servicing issues and engage with the customer across channels and relationship touchpoints to address any experience / engagement issues allows companies to turn issues into moments of engagement.  These moments of engagement become the moments of truth that either convert a customer into a long time brand evangelist or an immediate detractor. Have you talked to your customers about what they do with their Voice of Customer data? Is it connected to their CRM? This can be another feather in the cap of the CRM business case.
With the release of Salesforce’s Thunder we will continue to expand the ecosystem of what we can learn about our customers and the “things” that surround them.  This is great, but let’s not forget about all the things that they are already telling us directly and use that to create more engaging customer relationships.  In this newsletter we focus on the theme of the “Voice of the Customer” and hope that you find the insights valuable.
Please let us know what you think and if there is any way we can be of assistance to you and customers. 

Mazen Ghalayini 
Director - CRM Practice

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