A letter from CEO Kevin McCarty discussing our November issue of Best of the West
For this issue of Best of the West, we discuss how we're elevating our strategic thinking and the value we bring to clients, our market recognition, and thought leadership.

When I think of one word to summarize this newsletter, it is “elevate.” I recently returned from our annual directors’ retreat. This four-day off-site provided a chance for nearly 100 of our leaders to collaborate, innovate, and think differently as we plan to tackle our clients’ challenges in the year(s) ahead. It is something we’ve done since West Monroe’s earliest years and has become a key a part of the unique fabric of our firm.

There is no better place to elevate our strategic thinking than at the top of a mountain. In fact, we took a gondola up to our meeting space in Park City, Utah. It was a truly inspiring setting for some critical thinking—and we left refreshed and motivated for the year ahead.


We took some time to celebrate accomplishments, including elevating our position to number 16 on the Fortune “Great Place to Work” list—a ranking we consider to be one of the preeminent workplace awards in the market. It is a tremendous honor to be included among the companies on that list.

After celebrating, it was time to get down to business. As a leader in the consulting profession, we feel a responsibility to continually raise the bar with respect to the value we deliver. One of our key focus areas next year will be finding ways to increase the value we provide to clients every day. We want to raise the reputation of world class consulting, no small feat. In this issue, we have elevated four articles that reflect some of our professionals’ best thinking about issues and trends in your world. We hope you find these valuable as you begin thinking about your goals and priorities for 2017:

We know many of you are beginning or in the midst of strategic planning for next year and have a lot think about. We are always happy to discuss issues or concerns and to share ideas for helping you elevate your game. Don’t hesitate to give me a call!

Kevin McCarty
The recent presidential debates inspired our Mergers & Acquisitions team to engage in a spirited discussion about the relative challenges of integrating a merger of equals or carving a unit from its Parent company and standing it up as a new entity.

Their security teams have, historically, had much smaller budgets than those in any other industry, and they have only influenced IT decisions. How, then, can they command funding for projects that also include protection of customer data throughout the organization and appropriate compliance with the standards that regulate that data?

After hearing the themes and issues facing our clients and in the market we established “5 Golden Rules of CX”. These tenets provide a simple, clear gut check.

Long a figment of science fiction, artificial intelligence (AI) is here, and it is beginning to touch every industry and walk of life. Self-driving cars are navigating Pittsburgh’s streets. Robots are performing many tasks within Amazon’s warehouses. Personalization and machine learning capabilities are shaping customers’ experience. A common denominator among these changes is the supply chain.