Our economy is now years removed from the recession and well into recovery, but questions - and challenges - remain.
Government regulations are increasing, alternative business models are emerging, and a new breed of consumers are intensifying their demands for better, faster, and cheaper products and services. These are but a few factors contributing to the transformative growing pains of today’s business landscape.

Given these realities, are we to wait for politicians to pull the right levers to stimulate the economy? Or, do we as citizens and business leaders do our part to swing the pendulum and reverse the current trend?

Moving forward.
Regardless of individual beliefs, we cannot ignore several realities. To stabilize the economy, it is critically important that we create more jobs in North America. To grow our economy, we must shift our global position from consummate consumers to producers of goods and services. And, to remain competitive globally and grow in new markets, we must find new and effective ways to be cost competitive. Achieving these outcomes will require elevating your organization’s focus on productivity and efficiency to new heights.

Take your operations to the next level.
For the past decade, West Monroe Partners has worked with clients to streamline their business operations. Over time, it has become apparent that simply looking at operations isn’t enough – today’s volatile economic climate demands that companies rethink the way they do business. To that end, we have developed a new approach to ensure operational excellence that offers a bold way of thinking – one that positions you for success now and into the future.

Companies that continue to follow traditional approaches to their operations (e.g., offshoring operations and keeping them isolated in silos) are doomed to repeat the same mistakes. What will separate successful companies from those that perish is the ability to understand both the global economy as well as your local markets, applying best practices seamlessly across your organization. Our approach brings together the deep expertise of our business process and system functions with world class capabilities in labor productivity and supply chain optimization. For both our current client base as well as those we aspire to work with, we believe this will provide a compelling set of services that enable us to do our part in making our country more competitive in the global economy.

More specifically, we are now partnering with clients to focus on programs that drive better, more sustainable business results. When designing future business models, we have a proven approach that ensures our clients remain focused on the right priorities, namely:

  • Understanding global market trends and adapting your processes and systems to operate globally, not country by country
  • Applying local context to your operations to meet growing customer demands for receiving goods and services how and when they want them
  • Designing a business model that methodically and strategically matches work with employees based on skill, aptitude and efficiency
  • Establishing standardization through training, collaboration and communication – blending best practices learned from each of your business units together with an in-depth understanding of local context
  • Thinking about your operations holistically, integrating your people, processes and technology into a cohesive strategy before making any radical changes

Simply put, we help our clients drop more dollars to their bottom line – and who doesn’t like that?

West Monroe focuses on collaboration, looking at your business operations as a whole, leveraging enterprise-wide best practices and determining whether your operations are built to adapt to fluctuating market and economic conditions. Does your workforce have the right skill set and training to adapt quickly? Are your processes designed methodically so they can be applied consistently across your operations? Does your technology empower your workforce or hinder it? Are your offshored operations still delivering the value they once did?

Adapt, or risk becoming irrelevant.
Companies that are able to deploy the ideal business operating model will improve productivity, market penetration, customer experience and operating efficiency by as much as 25% while decreasing total cost of delivery and risks. It’s time to shift your focus from wage fluctuations, oil prices and economic conditions, which you can’t control, and focus on what you can control – your business operating model – to ensure your organization’s continued viability in an ever-changing marketplace.

When considered in context, your North American operations have the potential to innovate, produce and deliver on growing customer expectations like nowhere else. Moreover, the organizations that are proactive have significant leadership opportunities—not only in their markets, but in restoring stability, growth, and vibrancy to the North American economy. The first step is recommitting to excellence in your operations.

Is your organization equipped and ready for the challenge?

For more information on how West Monroe can help you advance your operations, please contact Sean Adkins at sadkins@westmonroepartners.com.