Are you equipped to handle the escalating digital data load?

Are you equipped to handle the escalating digital data load?
With the volume of digital data expected to increase many times over during the next decade, many of our clients are concerned about handling the increased load effectively and continuing to provide efficient intelligence to their executive and management teams. Moreover, the focus has become how to get meaningful use out of existing, vast and disparate data stores in order to drive intelligent these business decisions.

Microsoft recently announced its entry into the cloud information platform space—the Microsoft SQL Server 2012 platform—offering a variety of new capabilities that enhance data management and business intelligence. With SQL Server being one of the market’s leading information platforms, this release is generating buzz—and a number of questions from our clients.

What should you know about Microsoft SQL Server 2012?
One of the market’s leading information platforms, Microsoft SQL Server 2012 provides many benefits that can help you lower costs, increase performance and reliability, and put more decision-making power in the hands of your users:

  • Self-service business intelligence – the new Power View tool allows business users to build their own data visualizations through simple drag and drop actions that interact with a new user-friendly Semantic Model
  • Increased data governance - new tools for data quality management and master data management allow business users to participate in and manage portions of your data management environments
  • Blazing fast performance - new features such as the column store index can accelerate performance as much as ten times in data warehouse environments
  • Expanded security and compliance – SQL Server offers users the most secure database platform
  • Scalable data warehouses and analytics – the upgraded platform boasts the capability of running a 24TB analytics environment and a 600TB data warehouse
  • Lower cost of ownership – an optimized productivity suite features a 78-percent savings in total cost of ownership when compared to Oracle, while having 99-percent feature parity with Oracle
  • AlwaysOn high availability – a new feature that allows failover that is twice as fast as database mirroring in SQL Server 2008 R2
  • Flexibility in the cloud – the platform can be deployed today in on-premise, public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud environments

How can you use Microsoft SQL Server 2012?
The new SQL Server platform has many potential applications—from deploying small tactical databases to enabling whole suite of tools for your data and analytics environment. It is particularly well suited for:

  • Large analytical environments that will require complex reporting and business logic
  • High-traffic applications or reporting environments that need rapid data retrieval
  • SQL server data using the hybrid or fully cloud-based solutions, eliminating the need to build or maintain SQL Server database servers within your environment for solutions that can exist on the cloud

In addition, you can leverage the included SQL Server Data Quality Services to share data cleansing responsibility between business and IT. From large data warehouses to small application driven databases, the new SQL Server platform can accommodate a vast variety of data management needs.

See for yourself.
West Monroe’s Data Management team has been training on and building demos with the platform since November 2011 to make sure that our clients can take advantage of the new features as soon as they are released. If you want to see how the new Microsoft SQL Server 2012 capabilities can support your business, we offer two ways to do so:

Demonstrations – West Monroe Partners has several in-house demo environments configured for various industries to showcase the features and functionality of SQL Server 2012, integrated with SharePoint 2010 and PerformancePoint Services for dashboards and scorecards.

Proof-of-concept projects – We can also build small proof of concept demonstrations using an extract of your own data. These short projects can last one day to three weeks and allow you to demonstrate the usefulness and potential return on investment before committing resources to the platform.

If you would like to schedule a demonstration or discuss a proof of concept project, please contact Matt Rager at 312.980.9477 or at