Our purpose: To do the work we love with the people we trust.
As West Monroe Partners celebrates our 10th Anniversary, Dean Fischer, CEO, reflects on who we are as a firm and what that means for our clients.

A decade of progress. It’s hard for me to believe that West Monroe Partners is celebrating our 10th anniversary this year. In preparing for this milestone, we spent the last twelve months really examining our brand, including talking to clients and our own people to answer one simple question: “Who is West Monroe?” The video newsletter below shares with you our efforts to answer this question and what we learned about ourselves in the process. I think it speaks straight from the heart – and to the heart – about the way West Monroe has distinguished itself culturally and as a corporation it shows we truly love the work we do and the people we work with each day.

And as we moved into our new company headquarters this past Monday – a space not only impressive in its size and modernity, but one that sets a progressive footprint for the type of company we aspire to be - I am reminded once again of feelings I had almost ten years ago as we took up residence in our first downtown Chicago office. That mixture of excitement and, to be perfectly honest, anxiety (asking ourselves, “will we continue to grow and prosper at such a rate that it warrants a space of this magnitude?”) is the force that drives us to come in each day, put our best foot forward, execute on our most innovative ideas and blaze a trail that will hopefully bring continued success for the next ten years and beyond.

While this is certainly a time for celebration and reflection, it’s as much an opportunity to look forward to the next stage of development here at West Monroe Partners. It’s truly the journey, not a specific destination, that keeps me coming back for more, and I couldn’t be more excited for what the future holds. I do know that it’s with a renewed enthusiasm that I promise to embody our firm’s purpose each and every day – to do the work we love with the people we trust.



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Playing a rather prominent role in this debate is the smart grid and its array of new devices, which in turn puts electric utilities right in the thick of the national privacy debate.