Enhancing our brand and our global alliance
Dean Fischer highlights the evolution of West Monroe Partners - recognizing the firm's new website and the benefits of its Global Network.

To our clients and friends,

It’s hard to believe this year is half over and that we are already into the heart of summer.

I want to open this newsletter by sharing a few exciting developments.

First, we have just finished a complete refresh and update of our website, with the primary goal of providing a better and more intuitive experience for those looking for information—whether that means insight about business trends or prospective employment opportunities.

There are several aspects we think you will find particularly relevant. One is a greater emphasis on insight and thought leadership. Yes, we continue to have content describing our capabilities, our team, etc., but our new site places more emphasis on case studies, white papers, blogs and other elements that provide you with valuable food for thought.

Another change is in the navigation structure and page format, which are intended to make it easier for you to find relevant information. For example, if you are a bank executive, you can find all of the insight and resources you need on the Banking & Credit Unions home page. There, you have access to articles, events, client stories, and access to industry experts—without navigating away from that page. This type of functionality exists across all of our industry and capability pages.

Finally, we refreshed the site’s look and feel, consistent with other elements of our brand—providing a clean and fresh look and a focus on the real source of the value we offer: our people.

I invite you to take a look and, more importantly, welcome your feedback.

I also want to highlight a few developments from our global network with BearingPoint Europe. Our two firms are continuing to evolve the alliance, with the goal of operating seamlessly in all facets of our work. To date, we have collaborated extensively on projects across a number of industries, from banking and insurance to retail and energy and utilities. Through the alliance, we are developing several unique capabilities for assisting clients by leveraging proven BearingPoint assets.

One example is our exclusive ability to implement BearingPoint’s Hypercube® in North America. Hypercube® is a next–generation data mining technology that provides insight above and beyond traditional statistical methods.  We are using it to help clients across many industries drive value by answering their most pressing issues around risk, fraud, marketing and process effectiveness. From improving pharma's speed to market to banks and insurance risk identification, we have been able to add significant value to our clients.

Similarly, we are putting BearingPoint’s ABACUS/Solvency II reporting solution to work for US-based insurers that have operations in Europe. As part of the new capital solvency legislation, all insurers operating in Europe must submit capital solvency reports to the respective authorities on a quarterly and annual basis. ABACUS/Solvency II’s powerful automation and reporting capabilities can help reduce the time spent on compliance activities, lower the risk of data-handling errors, and maintain continuous compliance with the most current regulatory requirements.

If there is anything we can do to assist, or if there is a topic you would like us to address in a future newsletter, please do let us know.


But the pace of business change means that the network model that worked for your business several years ago may not be the best one for the road ahead. A periodic review of network operations can be beneficial to your business.