Social responsibility, sustainability and the future

View our video newsletter featuring Dean Fischer, CEO, talking about the role social responsibility plays in the corporate world. Also, read the latest insights from West Monroe Partners on a range of timely topics impacting industry and market sectors today.

To our clients and friends,

It’s hard to believe another year is already coming to a close.

This was a particularly noteworthy year for West Monroe Partners, as we celebrated our tenth anniversary. But as much as I enjoy reflecting on what has happened, doing so almost always draws me toward thinking about the future—and not just the future of our business, but what we can and should do to make a real impact beyond our day-to-day work.

Social responsibility is very important to me personally and to all of us at West Monroe Partners. I am energized every day by our people’s passion and commitment to making a difference—from addressing socioeconomic challenges in our communities to tackling the very complex issue of sustainability.

As social media continue to bring our personal and professional lives closer together, our identity as individuals increasingly is affected by the reputations of the organizations for and with which we work. People want to be associated with organizations that “do good”—and our organizations have a tremendous opportunity to lead some of the change that needs to happen.

I’ve shared a few thoughts about social responsibility, sustainability, and the future in this video message. We welcome your feedback and, more importantly, your participation in this dialogue about leveraging the collective skills and intellect of corporate America to make our world a better place for future generations.

On a business note, the way we operate is also evolving rapidly, and West Monroe Partners has been fortunate to have had the opportunity to assist with many ground-breaking and progressive efforts across sectors. We’ve spotlighted a few timely topics in this newsletter, including:

  • A key trend shaping the future of the life sciences industry (which could impact all of us as healthcare consumers, if not members of that industry)
  • Considerations for developing a more competitive and customer-friendly retail check-out experience
  • A focus on customer experience as a strategic weapon for weathering an uncertain economy

There is much more exciting work ahead for all of us in 2013. In the meantime, I wish you and your families a wonderful holiday season.



One thing that has helped firms survive and oftentimes thrive in challenging times is optimizing customers’ experience based upon insight-driven interactions.  Information and analytics-based customer insights, implemented by effectively leveraging data, can be utilized for strategic and competitive advantage and, thus, can be more easily cost justified in such an economic environment.
Simply stated, to sell more drugs in this market and improve patient outcomes, drug manufacturers must identify personalized marketing messages to ensure that patients follow appropriate therapies and, even more importantly, remain loyal to their products.
The National Retail Federation projects a 4.1-percent increase in holiday sales this year to $586.1 billion. Retailers want their fair share, and customers want a painless retail experience. Every year, retailers face the age old question of how to handle a large spike in customer traffic without dramatically increasing staff or infrastructure they may not be able to utilize fully the rest of the year.