Transitioning from corporate scorekeeper to business advisor.
Successful finance transformation can help reduce the cost and effort associated with transactional activities while increasing effort and effectiveness of decision support - in effect, enabling an organization to manage their business according to tomorrow’s trends rather than yesterday’s news.

The business world today is experiencing a fundamental shift in how the finance and accounting functions are viewed within firms. No longer regarded as bookkeepers and bean counters, finance professionals are acting as true business partners – leading strategic decision making and offering analytic insight to direct the future of the company. At the core of this shift is the implementation of technologies to improve the efficiency of routine accounting and controllership activities and enable finance teams to quickly synthesize data for key trends and business intelligence.

It would be difficult to find a finance department that isn’t undergoing transformation. Tasked to do more with less, they feel the strain of reduced budgets and inefficient processes. West Monroe specializes in helping organizations navigate these changes by blending operational strategy and technology solutions that help firms accurately define and measure key performance indicators to promote effective decision making. From implementing a shared services model that will improve internal efficiency to selecting enterprise software that standardizes the capture of business transactions to providing analytic solutions to enhance reporting capabilities, improving how a finance department functions is crucial for an organization to grow and thrive.