West Monroe Technology Principal Adam Kerr is delivering a seminar on AWS Serverless technologies at Developer Week, in Oakland, CA.

AWS Lambda with C# - Beyond the Demo (PRO TALK)

It's easy to stand up a new .Net Core API in AWS Lamba; the built-in templates can have your api deployed in minutes! Lambda is also incredibly cost effective! Now that you've committed to build your next project on Amazon's serverless platform, it's time to learn about all the little piece the demo didn't tell you. In this session, we will learn about: Debugging serverless applications How to increase performance when there is no server Handling file up- and downloads Managing long-running requests Deploying to AWS Lambda using the Dotnet CLI and Visual Studio Team System Updating configuration information without redeployment, without access to the file system Integrating your api with other Amazon offerings AWS Fargate, when Lamda isn't enough.


Adam Kerr, West Monroe Principal, Custom Application Development 

Adam Kerr, Technology

"I have been a professional software developer for 15 years, with 10 of those years spent in consulting. I develop custom web applications, primarily in the Microsoft stack with AWS or Azure backing infrastructure. I've found my space working in small, nimble teams, where we can build an application all the way from the data store to the browser. I get the most excitement out of finding a new problem to solve, and solving that problem elegantly. Beyond solving problems, I want to help my team grow. It is one thing to solve a problem and move on, but another to refine your craft while helping another do the same."


Thursday February 21, 2019
4:00 pm - 4:25 pm PST


Oakland Convention Center
Grand Ballroom Stage B
550 10th St.
Oakland, CA 94607

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