Join West Monroe's Brad Haller & Keith Swiat at Mergermarket's annual healthcare M&A event on September 20, 2018!

West Monroe will present on the following sessions:

Keynote Address: Cybersecurity’s Role in Value Creation (or Erosion)

Keith Swiat, Director, Cybersecurity

For years, investors and consumers have hauled in enormous bounties harvested from the cost savings, innovations and efficiencies intrinsic to business digitization. Yet, across this open stretch of digital terrain cybersecurity risks manage to march unchecked, representing potential losses in the billions of dollars. In a recent joint survey produced by West Monroe and Mergermarket, 58% of executives and private equity investors in the healthcare industry said they discovered cybersecurity flaws following an M&A transaction. It’s no wonder 49% of respondents said they were dissatisfied with cybersecurity due diligence protocols. Delegates will have the opportunity to hear from cybersecurity specialist Keith Swiat of West Monroe Partners review the findings of the joint survey and discuss the finer points on how organizations can strengthen their cybersecurity procedures during M&A due diligence and negotiations.
  • What red flags should executives and investors look for during due diligence?
  • How to quantify and mitigate cybersecurity risks.
  • How to put safeguards in place post-close to ensure proper governance.

Embracing Disruption

Brad Haller, Director, M&A

Beyond drug development and medical devices, the healthcare industry is embracing other facets of technology to improve operational efficiencies and patient outcomes. Despite the industry facing pricing pressures and limited reimbursement potential, the higher care costs of such technologies are expected to be mitigated through improved outcome measures evidenced through long-term data. Healthcare economics are also propelling providers and payers to vertically integrate, which will enable cost containment while meeting consumer and patient needs.

Delegates will have an opportunity to hear panelists discuss how recent developments, both exogenous and endogenous to healthcare businesses, are driving sector-wide transformation.
  • How are private equity "buy-and-build" strategies shaping healthcare M&A trends?
  • Assessment of US demographic trends that will rattle the healthcare industry in the coming decades.
  • How are financial sponsors and consultants advising companies with their own respective legacy IT systems during the due diligence period and ensuing integration?
  • How are acquirers and sponsors utilizing technology, i.e. cybersecurity protocols, during M&A deals?
  • How is the transition to "value-based care" affecting utilization of technology and contributing to balance sheet health?
  • What recent technologies are showing promise for improving patient outcomes, slashing operating costs, restraining cybersecurity threats and creating efficiencies?


10 on the Park
New York, NY

Date & Time:
September 20, 2018
Registration begins at 8:00 am EST

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