Join West Monroe as we discuss technology and software M&A
West Monroe's Mike Amiot will present on the changing landscape in enterprise software investment. We will present our insights from both our transaction expertise as well as our findings from  our recent software M&A survey.
Among all M&A deals announced last year, 15% were acquisitions of technology companies, more than any other sector and totaling roughly USD 125bn. Large cash balances and flatlining revenue nudged long-standing firms to invest in tech startups, such as Walmart's purchase of e-commerce startup Even savvy VC investors have expressed astonishment at the pace at which digital transformation moved to the forefront of corporate boardrooms recently.

While technology M&A can provide revenue growth and impressive returns for VC funds, plenty of challenges remain. The question of valuations is troubling for some who wonder if another tech bubble is brewing in light of "unicorns" totaling USD 372bn in worth across the US. Additionally, cybersecurity continues to appear in the headlines as the damage of a single data breach can cost an average of USD 4m per company and can stop a deal in its tracks. Look no further than Verizon executives second guessing their acquisition of Yahoo shortly after the Internet firm announced the hacking of roughly 500 million users' credentials.

Please join esteemed panelists and network with industry experts for an afternoon filled with content-driven discussions relating to the forces driving M&A and financing in the technology sector.