Join West Monroe as we present on software M&A and cybersecurity

Mike Amiot and Sean Curran present at PEI's 7th annual operating partners forum. 

Wednesday, October 18 at 3:00 pm

Maximizing your investment in software M&A
Mike Amiot, West Monroe Partners
Greg Guelcher, JMI Equity

  • What to focus on during diligence when speed is an important differentiator
  • Top post-close priorities: leadership, time-to-market, scalability and security
  • Preparing for sale: when to begin preparing and how to avoid value erosion
  • Findings from West Monroe’s 2017 Software M&A survey report

Thursday, October 19 at 11:00 am

Managing ever-growing cybersecurity challenges
Sean Curran, West Monroe Partners
Eric Feldman, The Riverside Company
  • The Yahoo data breaches have been well-publicized for knocking $350 million dollars off the purchase price and delaying the deal. Here we will discuss:
  • What questions to ask during diligence in a highly competitive environment where speed is in many cases a differentiator and access is limited
  • How to prepare for cybersecurity issues post-close (there will be some)
  • How to strike the right balance of cybersecurity management at the portfolio level and company level