Join West Monroe for our sixth annual M&A summit

As mergers and acquisitions play a greater role in the business’ growth strategy, the leaders of IT are being required to address the challenges of efficiently and effectively integrating acquisitions while executing on internal initiatives in order to maximize value creation.  The summit will bring together CIOs, senior IT leaders, private equity operating partners and portfolio company IT and business leaders to share insights and solutions for the complexities, challenges, and efforts mid-market companies face in their quest to fuel growth through acquisitions.

Day 1 agenda: 

IT's role in value creation

Speaker: Tom Cane, Mergermarket
As mergers and acquisitions play a greater role in the business’ growth strategy, the leaders of IT are being required to address the challenges of efficiently and effectively integrating acquisitions while executing on internal initiatives in order to maximize value creation.

IT's role in improving add-on value
Speakers: Brad Haller and Pam Brown
Add-on acquisitions are one of the most common business and financial sponsor strategies to achieve growth and the investment thesis. The reality is that many add-on acquisitions result in millions of dollars of technical acquisition debt and the companies are really still operating independently. Investing in technologies that create a scalable IT environment and platform that allows add-ons to be more easily integrated or consolidated onto, while still allowing some flexibility for independence, can reduce costs and complexity while driving value.

Carve-outs and divestitures: Common blunders and mistakes
Speakers: Keith Campbell and Daryl Ribeiro
Divestitures, carve-outs, and spin-offs are increasing in all industries and technology typically represents 80% of separation costs.  During this interactive session, learn from the experts how to identify and avoid common and costly  technology and cross-functional (e.g., IT, HR, Finance, Operations, Sales) mistakes.

Round out technical diligences with digital assessments
Speakers: Mark Huson and Chris Hodges
Digital has transformed the technology landscape and to stay competitive, organizations must develop and embrace practices to maximize digital channels.  During this session, we'll discuss the importance of assessing the capabilities of your organization and those of potential add-ons to identify opportunities for maximizing market presence and achieving business objectives leveraging customer focused digital strategies.

Sell-side readiness begins day 1
Speakers: Michael Amiot and Scott Fuzer 
Overview and discussion of the key areas that can create value or cause value erosion and how effective sell side preparedness, whether you have a short or extended period prior to a sale, can help you maximize your valuation. This session will discuss the areas to focus on in order to prepare IT for an exit from a portfolio and some simple strategies that can help to reduce value erosion throughout the hold period.

Are you a lousy software investor?
Speakers: Greg Layok and Matt Sondag
Knowing what to look for when you're assessing a commercial software product can be the difference between value creation and inheriting significant technical debt. With limited access and very competitive deals now the norm, ensure you are focused on the key aspects of a commercial software product.  During this session, we will discuss assessing technical debt, the development processes, and the team.

Pros and cons of the cloud
Speakers: Chuck Kirchner and John Engates
It may seem that everyone is moving to the cloud, but it's not right for everyone. During this session, you'll learn the benefits and drawbacks of cloud computing as well as the different types of cloud services to determine whether the cloud makes economic and operational sense for your organization.

Where IT outsourcing creates value, and where it doesn't
Speaker: Mark Nelson and Nate Ulery
Every organization has different goals and objectives they hope to achieve when outsourcing IT operations.  Correctly identifying these goals and objectives can prevent costly mistakes and avoid the yo-yoing between insourcing and outsourcing or switching outsourcing providers every couple of years.  This session will cover the critical questions you should be asking yourself as well as your prospective/current outsourcing partner to ensure the most value is derived from the relationship.

Middle-market technology benchmarking: how does your company stack up?
Speakers: Sav Pillay and Foster Tidwell
Current industry benchmarks often fail to capture the nuances of middle-market and technology-enabled companies.  During this session we will discuss the relevant benchmarks and insights that a Middle-Market company should be focused on and how these benchmarks can help you manage your IT environment.

Day 2 agenda:

West Monroe and Mergermarket survey results: security due diligence in M&A
Speaker: Sean Curran
As the importance of big data and IT increases in the modern corporate world, data security has become vital for ensuring business continuity and protecting a company's most priced assets--its customer information and intellection property. In partnership with Mergermarket, our study provides a window into the trends that shape M&A cybersecurity diligences and insights into ways security can be improved to prevent value erosion.

Understanding and responding to today's
cybersecurity challenges and tips for avoiding possible value erosion
Speakers: John Stiffler, Paul Cotter, Paul Cottey, Water Street Healthcare Partners, and Jason Dantico, Quintas Security  
Companies are increasingly recognizing that nobody can hide from the threat of a data breach and it is critical to proactively protect against threats as well as to have a plan to reactively respond if a breach were to occur.  During this session, you'll learn about the common cybersecurity strategies to protect against value erosion --from incident response to secure application development.

How to get started implementing a cybersecurity program
Speakers: David Chaddock and Justin Sheppard
As the world becomes increasingly interconnected through technology, companies face an increasing volume of cyberattacks from numerous attack vectors and sources. It is crucial that companies develop and maintain a comprehensive security program designed to continually improve their security posture over time. This session will discuss the many decisions and trade-offs a middle-market organization must make to effectively implement a security program  that is aligned with your business strategy.

What the board needs to know about cybersecurity
Speaker: Tom Borchers
While effectively managing security threats has become a critical focus for most organizations, knowing what and how to communicate these concerns and needs to the board can be the difference between getting and not getting critical funding.  In this session you will learn the right level of detail and information that should be communicated to a board.

Benefits and risks of security outsourcing
Speakers: Mike Manske and Bill Sechen
When considering security outsourcing, the deciding factors are all about risk versus reward, as the quality of your information security operations can directly effect the success of your organization. The adoption of managed security services is often driven by the cost effectiveness of gaining access to specialized security tools and expertise on a shared basis; however, organizations also need to consider the risks associated with outsourcing security services. This session will look into the pros and cons of outsourcing information security.