Join West Monroe for a webcast in partnership with Mergermarket, Citrix and BioPharm Insight
Experts speculate speculation that a raft of pharma consolidation can be expected this year as companies look to cut costs. Will this be the case? How can pharma companies deal with pressure from PBMs, insurers and the public?
Topics of discussion include:
  • What effect are the increasing powers of pharmacy benefit managers, health insurers and retail chains having on the pharma industry?
  • How much has the ‘price gouging’ uproar among politicians and the public hurt pharma companies, and how can they rebound?
  • In such a tumultuous time, how can the industry keep ahead when it comes to R&D? Should they keep spending or focus on acquisitions of smaller drug developers?
  • Are inversions dead? What other options are there for pharma companies looking to do transformative, cost-saving acquisitions?
  • Is the financing market still receptive for pharma takeovers, even in high-yield?