Join West Monroe and T-Pro for a three part webinar series
Join West Monroe Partners TPM/TPO Center of Excellence (CoE) as we sponsor a webinar series of critical topics necessary to achieve Trade Promotion Optimization.
The CoE selected T-Pro Solutions to discuss optimization based on these three major topics:
  • Utilizing Customer Promotion Intelligence for Predictive Event Planning
  • Optimizing Annual Customer Planning and Integration with your TPM System
  • Change Management and what an organization must consider when implementing trade promotion optimization solutions
The focus of these 29 minute webinars will be on learning necessary insights to optimize trade promotions.

The webinar series is targeted towards individuals from both retailers and manufacturers who are involved in the process of TPM/TPO on a daily basis and who are looking for further management and optimization of these valuable trade dollars.

You can listen to the first webinar presentation by clicking here.