Join West Monroe Partners' Greg Layok for an upcoming webinar!
West Monroe's Greg Layok joins a panel of experts for a discussion on disruptive technologies and their impact on consulting.
Webinar Description:

Disruptive technologies, such as Cloud, Mobile, Data & Analytics and Social Media, are forcing clients to rethink how they compete, engage and win customers. The same is true for the consulting profession.

While these disruptive technologies have been a part of the consulting conversation for a little while, this will be the year many consultants fully embrace them. And how effectively consulting firms navigate this transition will separate the winners from the losers.

Join us on April 9 and uncover why and how consultants and their firms should self-disrupt before being disrupted. Topics include:

  • How will new technologies shape the future of consulting? 
  • What strategies and capabilities will consultants need in this new world?  
  • Consulting is moving beyond the cusp of disruption, what's next?
  • What steps should you be taking right now to position your firm for success?

Hosted by Consulting Publisher and Editor-in-Chief Joe Kornik, this webinar promises a 360-degree view of the topic from industry experts and leading consultancies. Q&A will follow the presentation.